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    Pine Bluff Arsenal, AR Local Information

    Pine Bluff Arsenal is named after Pine Bluff, Arkansas, the nearest major city to post. Pine Bluff has about 49,000 people, and is in Jefferson County (named for the third President of the United States and one of the Founding Fathers), which has a population of about 74,000 people. Other nearby towns include White Hall (6,000) which also borders post, Sheridan (5,000), Altheimer (1,000), and Redfield (1,000).

    It is about 12 miles from downtown Pine Bluff to the Arsenal; this takes about 25 minutes to commute; White Hall is closer, at 6 miles and 14 minutes. The average commute in Jefferson County is about 21 minutes, but most of Pine Bluff city is further away that that.

    Local Housing Rental Prices:
    The average apartment rent in the Pine Bluff area ranges from $400 to $700 per month for a two bedroom apartment.

    Local Housing Purchase Prices:
    The average price for a house near Pine Bluff Arsenal is about $99,000, compared to $103,000 for Jefferson County or $150,000 in Arkansas.

    Short Description of the Area:
    Pine Bluff is a medium sized industrial city in southeastern Arkansas, near bayous and wetlands and the Arkansas River. The city is named for a bluff, with pines, nearby, but is generally plains and farmland. There are also a number of poultry processors and paper mills in the area, providing local employment. Winds are mainly west to east.

    Climate and Weather:
    The area has a warm, humid climate, winter temperatures of the low 50s to low 30s and summer temperatures ranging from the low 90s to low 70s. The area generally has mild winters, wet springs and falls, slightly drier winters and summers, with occasional extreme weather. Weather Warning: Tornadoes can come through, especially in April and May.