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    Pine Bluff Arsenal, AR History

    Established in 1941, Pine Bluff Arsenal was used as a production facility for thermite and magnesium incendiary munitions, and various grenades, bombs, shells, and chemical agents. During World War II both the Allies and Axis powers, especially the US and Germany, maintained stocks of chemical weapons against the chance the other side would use them. Neither did, but this left a huge stockpile of US chemical weapons, which were kept in case the Soviets or other Communist powers deployed chem weapons. The process of disposing of the US chemical weapons stored at Pine Bluff began in the 1970s and continued for three decades.

    The arsenal also developed biological weapons systems until the US banned biological weapons in 1969. Until 2010 Pine Bluff was a housing and processing facility for old chemical warfare agents. Currently Pine Bluff produces riot control, smoke, pyrotechnic and incendiary munitions and mixes, as well as protective clothing and masks.